Funding rate Belgium

Funding rate

The maximum financing rate in Belgium for non-resident buyers is currently 70% – 80% of the purchase price. Hypotheek & Buitenland works with a number of Belgian banks that can also finance Dutch people who want to finance a main residence or vacation home.

For Dutch people with income from the Netherlands who want to buy a primary residence in Belgium, in practice, up to 80% can be financed. Occasionally they go up to 90% of the purchase price, but that is reserved for younger buyers. Also for residents of Belgium, the maximum borrowing rate is 80%-90%.

For non-residents of Belgium, the maximum financing rate is 70% if a vacation home or rental property is purchased. There are some Belgian banks that can also finance non-resident buyers.

There are currently no Dutch banks financing houses in Belgium.

The lower the loan rate the lower the risk to the bank and the sooner a bank will usually be willing to grant a mortgage loan. Keep in mind that it is not true that the lower the loan amount the easier it becomes to get a mortgage. For loan amounts under €100,000, the banks are not hot.

If the equity comes into the purchase of another loan, that is a problem for some banks. People want to see their own money come from savings.

Non-residents means buyers who are not yet (tax) residents of Belgium at the time of purchase.