Entrepreneurs Belgium

Entrepreneurs Belgium

Even if the income comes from self-employment, it is possible to get a mortgage from a Belgian bank. However, one is particularly reluctant to include profits not distributed to private parties that have remained in the company.

Belgian banks are looking at profits for the past three years. At least 3 years of annual figures must be available and the company must exist for at least 3 calendar years. In addition to profits, they will look at sales trends and the equity position on the balance sheet.

The own B.V. must exist for at least 3 years and must have a healthy profit and sales development. The balance sheet should also look healthy with positive equity and an acceptable current account ratio with the owner. Belgian banks count as income the salary and actual dividends paid.

If there is a multi-company structure, it is important to clearly identify the results and ownership relationships.

Belgian banks do not want to provide a mortgage to a foreign company.