Large loan amounts Belgium

Large loan amounts

For larger purchase sums (from about €1 to €1.5 million), there are banks that offer their services especially for this category of non-resident buyers. These are Private banks or special departments of regular Belgian retail banks. Therefore, in addition to the annuity mortgage, the installment-free (Belgium: “end of term” or “bullet loan”) mortgage is also offered under certain conditions. The financing setup will be designed to be fiscally optimal.

An installment-free mortgage can be offered for wealthy clients who are willing to have part of their assets managed by a private bank specializing in this. For example, it is often possible to borrow 100% interest-free, provided that 50% of the loan amount is placed with the bank as “Assets Under Management.

An integral part of the service provided by the banks serving this category of customers is to minimize Belgian taxes. To this end, they advise in consultation with you and Hypotheek & Buitenland on the design of the financing and its administrative set-up.